June 18, 2010


It has been quite a while that I have started writing. I never thought that I would or I should say I could write on a public interface. I have been poor in English throughout my student life. Over the time, I have improved as a writer, as a thinker. Every time I sit to write something, I delve into my past, my life, which has been a normal kind of sorts but unique in its own way. I search out for something, something interesting enough for u all to know. My motive is just to bring happy grin on your face. The little praises like “Gud one”, “Nice” have kept me on and I am really thankful to you all. I want to give special thanks to Anirudh who has been fountainhead of inspiration to me. I want to thank Rashmi, Nitin, Aditya, Tushar, Tushar, Navanshee, Alpa, Pankaj, Pankaj, Ankur, Sadhvi, Jitesh, Rajesh, Lav, Naseem, Rahul, Hitesh and many more who have constantly read my blogs and supported me.

Life is a combination of journeys or phases. One gets over, other starts. Each one has a different impact on us. These small, little stories that I have shared with you are a part of a journey that I have covered with u all. I hope to continue writing more of some stories in the time to come. Remember hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. ...

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tushar said...

not thsts some serious stuff :P