October 24, 2012

U Are Nothing, But a Mass of Habits

The dictionary meaning of habit is “An acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary”. Most of our life is habitual. You do the same things that you did yesterday. That’s how life goes on. You never realize which of your habits are good or bad, just because you don’t analyze them. It happens with everyone.

When I was a child, I remember my father told me once to think everything that you did today before going to sleep. Think what were the things that you did wrong, and not to repeat them. And repeat this each day. This will help you to become a nice individual. After that day, my father never asked me to check whether I was following this practice each day or not. If he would have done that, I would have probably followed it from my childhood days. So, the truth is, I never thought of this question even once for the next 10 years of my life; before one fine day I realized some of my flaws and the number of times I repeated them.

You see, there is no age of developing good habits. Some of us are lucky enough to have great childhood learning, in the proper guidance of their family members. Some might not have it. But, life teaches each one of us. We all fall some or the other time in life, but the important thing is to learn from that fall and continue the journey with more confidence by converting bad habits into good ones.

I remember I had this habit of procrastinating things. Whenever there is any task to do, there is usually some time frame given to complete that task. I used to procrastinate the task up to the last very day. Once, I had to pay heavy price for this bad habit of mine. And that day, I swore before the God I will never ever delay the things.
You go and analyze lives of top CEOs of MNCs, top analysts of any country, top officials, top sportsmen, anyone who is doing outstanding in their field of work. They manage thousands, lacks of people. But, you see how they manage themselves. Each and every second of their lives are bounded by their good habits.
Even a small change you do today and make it a habit, it can result in a big way after some years. If you need to keep growing, changes are necessary. Learn to change according to the situation, learn to improvise, otherwise you will fall behind and the time will prevail. Make good habits because habits whatever may be good or bad make you who you are. Remember “Good Things Will Always Remain Good”; how, where, when they might help you in some or the other way, you just can’t imagine.

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