September 02, 2009


There are two types of people in this world:-
1.) Who lose their temper at every other second, and

2.) Who remain calm for most of the time but when they lose it, as some learned people say, “they spark the damp firewood”.
I think the later ones are quite dangerous and guess what??; by God’s grace I fall into the same category. I am not telling you all this so that you fear of me.

I haven’t have fights at all in my life except those “cat fights” with my sis which still happens daily on almost all things. I am talking of the serious fights, which include punches in the stomach, powerful kicks, which leads to the blood flowing from nostrils to mouth, to neck and the blackened swollen eye; before a group of people come in between you. It all looks like the same bollywood films, but it actually happens. I, myself have come so many times in between my friends and sometimes enjoyed their contretemps, but never got a chance to be the cynosure of all eyes. Not that I fear of them, but I choose to avoid them.
I have seen people in my family fighting for property, money and all other issues that you can think of. At that time I was too young to take part in one. I tell you, it was till date, worst time of my life.

I always believe that it’s not the physical strength that matters, it’s the mental strength and the grandness of heart which holds the key. At that time, whenever there used to be a WWE match in our veranda, I used to run to the terrace away from anything, everything. I used to weep, yell, pray to god.
Gradually, the situation improved, but I didn’t stop going on to the terrace. I still go for a daily stroll in the evening away from all the routine works; where I am all by myself, gazing towards the sky, towards the birds flying back to their abode, the setting sun and the dark clouds spreading all over the sky. It’s all that serene beauty of nature that has now become my old friend and there is one corner on terrace which is still the best part of my home.
And all I can say now that these things, have made me mentally strong to face the life ahead.