December 22, 2009


There are 3D’s in life : Desire, Determination & Dedication. You will need all the three to reach new heights; but, it all starts with the 4thD… Dreams. This was an sms which I received some days ago from one of my dearest friend.

Everyone talks of dreams, but no-one tells how to get dreams. I think, there is something which is required to start dreaming. I mean, that if you don’t know what you are missing in life, then you can’t dream. Am I being too philosophical here?? Ok let me explain with an example.

Last year, I went to Auto -Show being organized at Pragati Maidan. There were 100s of new models of sparkling new cars. As I was going through my eyes caught Mercedes Benz (S-class). I went there and asked for a try. I sat inside for 2 min, held the steering and gave a pose, not because to show it off later to my friends; but to continuously remind myself that this is “THE IDEAL” car. I don’t know if I would ever own it, but now since I know what it feels like to be sitting in one of the most luxurious and costliest car of the world; I can start dreaming about it.

Once you start realizing you dreams, you start working hard to achieve them. But I have seen many of us lose determination in the tough race of life. At that time, one must get an opportunity to remind himself and again start working towards it. How about giving a lift to a poor fellow who has to walk daily for several kilometers? There can be many other such ways which YOU & I can do seamlessly and be a symbol of great motivation to both rich and poor people. Rich people will no longer be complacent and boastful. In this way both rich and poor people will start respecting each other and will do a great for our society.

I don’t know if I am talking any sense to you all, but still, this is what I feel. It’s the “EXPERIENCE” that is required to get dreams. Keep enjoying those experiences so that you keep DREAMING HIGH!!

September 02, 2009


There are two types of people in this world:-
1.) Who lose their temper at every other second, and

2.) Who remain calm for most of the time but when they lose it, as some learned people say, “they spark the damp firewood”.
I think the later ones are quite dangerous and guess what??; by God’s grace I fall into the same category. I am not telling you all this so that you fear of me.

I haven’t have fights at all in my life except those “cat fights” with my sis which still happens daily on almost all things. I am talking of the serious fights, which include punches in the stomach, powerful kicks, which leads to the blood flowing from nostrils to mouth, to neck and the blackened swollen eye; before a group of people come in between you. It all looks like the same bollywood films, but it actually happens. I, myself have come so many times in between my friends and sometimes enjoyed their contretemps, but never got a chance to be the cynosure of all eyes. Not that I fear of them, but I choose to avoid them.
I have seen people in my family fighting for property, money and all other issues that you can think of. At that time I was too young to take part in one. I tell you, it was till date, worst time of my life.

I always believe that it’s not the physical strength that matters, it’s the mental strength and the grandness of heart which holds the key. At that time, whenever there used to be a WWE match in our veranda, I used to run to the terrace away from anything, everything. I used to weep, yell, pray to god.
Gradually, the situation improved, but I didn’t stop going on to the terrace. I still go for a daily stroll in the evening away from all the routine works; where I am all by myself, gazing towards the sky, towards the birds flying back to their abode, the setting sun and the dark clouds spreading all over the sky. It’s all that serene beauty of nature that has now become my old friend and there is one corner on terrace which is still the best part of my home.
And all I can say now that these things, have made me mentally strong to face the life ahead.

August 09, 2009


MONSOON RAINS!! How eagerly we all wait for the monsoon rains after being baked in the sun for almost four consecutive months. I want to ask all of you:- is there someone amongst you, who hates rains?? If yes, just let me know :-)

In northern India, the summer comprises of almost 8 months with people craving for rains, but I hate them. I know you must be thingking that this man is crazy. I'll tell you why. The rains come and there is sudden change in temperature. Due to these unannounced variations in temperatures, I catch what you commonly know to be “common cold”. As the name suggests, it’s quite common among people, but the consequences of “common-cold” in my case are not very common. What follows, is sneezing spree at least 10 times a min, a blocked nose and the headache. And if I don’t take medicines on time it can get me viral fever. This is what I've been going throuh for the last 20 yrs - every time there is attraction between the positive charge of earth and negative charge of clouds (right, na?). The scent of the wet ground which is appreciated almost by everyone, is one of the foulest odors for me.

Secondly, whenever it rains, all work comes to a halt. Thanks to our inadequate drainage system. The situation really worsens in my area. I can’t go out for work. The population of skeeters surge with a rate of 10^10 every minute.

Last week, the Lord Indra became generous for the first time this season and it was raining cats and dogs. I went out in veranda and I saw a young girl of around 5yrs old enjoying the rain in her veranda. She was soon joined by her younger sister. As the younger one came, she fell down. She stood up and put her right leg forward and fell down again. But she never cried. She stood up again and warily came out. Both started to enjoy the rain with their arms stretched, facing the sky with eyes closed. They cuddled each other as I stood there watching them. The first time I realized how much do people love rain. I wanted to become part of their celebrations. Soon their mom came and admonished them and took them in.

That day I realized what I am missing in life. Keep enjoying the rains so that I keep enjoying watching you.

June 21, 2009


It's june end and it is scorching hot; waiting for the monsoon desperately. This time of the year is generally of summer holidays and it reminds me of my visit to my maternal grandmother’s place. I haven’t been there for some years now, but I still remember every detail of the splendid country life.

Surrounded by fields, it’s a small village; ohh sorry, it was a small village; now its no longer a village as mum says. You know how moms are attached to their native places - dismissing their childhood abode as small, isn't exactly the wisest thing to do.

Every time you go there, it's all the same. You will never find anything really special. People wake up at about 4 in the morning. The same sounds, whiff of fresh air, the villagers walking along the sides of the road to the market, women with sacks of grass supported by their petite shoulder blades, unwaveringly steady. The small stalls at the end of roads, the naked brown children skittering through dust, dung spread loosely through roads, bullock carts, et all...

They are never in a hurry. It seems that they have all the time in the world. I can’t understand one thing - they really don’t have any private life. The neighbors, the neighbors’ neighbors and their neighbors are all part of one family. In fact, any one from that village is as dear as any other family member would be.

I remember at night, there were power cuts for hours and there was no inverter as saving grace, so we used to come out in veranda, lay the Chaarpai and lie on it. I used to get miffed by the mosquitoes' monotonous humming around my ears even as I sought cover...

But in one aspect they seem to have won the race; in terms of happiness... I think they are much more content in their simple, rustic life. They have little ambition. The satisfaction level in city people is much less.

So this would be a rough picture of the country side and if you have been to one, it would probably remind you of your own visits...

June 05, 2009


So finally, my semester exams have finished and since I was booked in my room for past one month, I am short of ideas. But I have come up with something that most of us can relate to.

 All of us give numerous exams in our lives. And I know that almost everyone of us have some superstitions in mind. I also have some, but their intensity has decreased now. Some of them were:-

 I would not shave before the exam. I had this in mind that it would spoil the paper.

To use the same pen and wear the same clothes in every exam if one of them goes good, and vice-versa.

 I have given many national level papers and I remember seeing thousands of parents waiting eagerly to receive their kids. And I used to scrutinize among them to find out my dad. And when you find them, what do you see? Hope on the face that my kid has done well. I think this is the one thing that I cherish the most and would continue doing so. When the results come, and you have done well, then that feeling of pleasure is ultimate. And for that ultimate feeling we are doing so much hard work. Isnt it?

 Now, enough of exam talk. Let us move on to something which interests us the most. I know many of my friends who are crazy for one damn thing, and they can leave everything else for it. Some of them are crazy for gaming, some for music, some for reading and bla bla bla…. For the last few days I have been thinking hard on whether I've got something special of that kind, but couldn’t find one. I have never been into anything with mad passion; probably can’t take anything beyond a limit because I get bored and want to switch on to something else. Still, life is not over yet and the game is still on. Let's see - One day I will find one for sure.

 But the thing that I want from you guys is that you have to post a comment and tell me that one damn thing that you are crazy about and why. If you haven’t got any like me then think a bit and tell me. Could you do this for me? Please...  I don’t know if I am asking for something out-of-box. Try it. Okay?!!

May 03, 2009


Hmm.... I expect you missed me last month…he he - probably some of you I know that. But I’m in no mood to explain my irregularities. But yeah, I am back - and I will survive.

Last week, I went to one of my school friends’ home. It had been a long time. As we were eagerly listening to each other, when his younger brother came rushing from school with a love letter in his hand. He was in the 2nd standard. Yes, a girl in his class had proposed to him. I wondered whether it was too early… ;-) I am probably three times his age and still looking forward to such a day! :-D

It reminded me of the prank that a girl played on me. …… I was in 9th standard, month of January - Sorry I don’t remember the date, but yeah - it was in the evening probably around 6:30 as my dad was already back from work. The phone rang. At that time I didn’t have any mobile, so my school pals usually called me on the landline no.

 My dad picked up the phone and a girl said: “ CAN I TALK TO MOHIT”?

DAD:- May I know who is speaking?

Girl:- I am Mehak .

Now, my dad knew about Mehak as she was my classmate since nursery and she used to live very close to my home and also because she was the only girl who called me and that too on days that she would have missed the school and she need to ask about that day’s homework. So my dad gave me the phone.

ME:- Hello. “ Yes…. Who is this?

MEHAK:- hello, mein mehak bol rahi hun yaaaar ,,,,,, kya haal hain tere,,,, tu milta hi nai hai aaj-kal.

ME:- Now I was shocked, I had never expected that. The voice was familiar but it wasn’t mehak. I asked again “ aap kaun bol rahe ho?” (As I asked for the second time my father who was in the same room glanced me.)

MEHAK:- “ mein mehak bol rahi hun yaaaar.”

I dropped the phone, took a deep breath and went back to my room. 2 min later, the phone rang again, and my dad picked it again.

ME:- hello,,,, “ Who is this”?

MEHAK:-  mein mehak bol rahi hun yaaaar…. Tujhse  kuch samajhna tha yaar maths mein….. tujhe kitni baar bola hai………..tu samjhaata hi nai hai yaaaar. Mein tere ghar aa jaaun??

I sprung in surprise; That seductive tone got me more and more uncomfortable as my father was right in front of me.

In an eluding way I told her to meet me the next day and dropped the phone. I was probably immature at that time. Later I found out that she was my sister’s friend who usually came to our home. She was 2 years elder to me. After that phone call, there hasn’t been any call of that kind to which I could do proper justice. Probably I am not so gullible now. But you know, the reality is that we boys always would love to be deceived by the girls. But the girls generally don’t take charge. I hope someday they will. Okay, time to go, my phone is ringing……..hahhaahaa     ;-)

March 22, 2009


Yesterday, I was going through one of the articles in newspaper which reminded me of my school days. I was one of the most studious, sincere and bla..bla..bla.  in my class. But who cares for dat?? Certainly, my siblings! Perplexed??  I know…. But u know, the great disadvantage of having elder brother who is the most idle son, idle student and  is that u r constantly compared to him. Same was the case with me and my sis.

But I was sincere doesn’t mean that I wasn’t scolded by my teachers. I want to share some of the incidents on which I was severely punished by my teachers, either due to my stupidity or bcoz I was trying to act over-smart.

I don’t remember a single teacher of mine (except dat of maths which only consisted of numbers) who hasn’t scolded me for my cacography. But I never paid attention to their remarks. Now sometimes I feel envy of the 1st class students who have better handwriting than me but I console myself by saying “ yaar ab to e-mail ka jamana hai”.

I remember, it was back in my 9th standard, in history class; our teacher was reciting the chapter as we were scrutinizing the lines. Suddenly mam paused…….. shouted …….Sudeeeeeeeppp (my partner)…… who is sitting wid u?? 

Sudeep:- mam, Mohit.

ME:- still looking into the book.     


 Sudeep tugged me. I gaped at him as everyone looked at me.

Mam:- r u day-dreaming??  I stood up, unable to understand wat was the fuss about…… , kept mum. 

On another occasion I didn’t complete my English homework. The teacher asked who hasn’t done home-work. I raised my hand and saw I was the sole person. I knew many more wudn’t hv done but never told mam.

MAM:- come here.

 My heart sank. My throat turned dry.  I went. She adjusted her bangles and then my necktie and bang! Bang! on my cheek. I became red like tomato.  The next time u come without it and I will throw u out of this window. I wondered she could hv admonished me as it was my first time.

I remember wearing my white canvas shoes on Thursday. On one day I forgot to polish them. The PT teacher called me and asked wats the color of ur shoes? I thought yaar aaj to gaya. I thought why not to bring smile to his face. I said in a joking way. Sir, Blackish white. I thought he wud also sneer but he pulled my ear n told me to take 10 rounds of the playground. 

But I feel gud today that I have studied in an environment of strict discipline which always imbibes good qualities which u ought to carry throughout ur life.

February 28, 2009


Some of the things u always hope but never get:- (Right from a child to an adult )

Ø Waking up late in the morning and hoping that the schoolbus would

arrive late.

Ø Hoping that the teacher stays absent on the day of a test you've not prepared for!

Ø On an empty bus and hoping that a hot chick sits right next to you

Ø Having an extramarital affair without your wife knowing

Ø SENSEX continuing to soar

Ø A terrorism free world.

Ø Indian politics do not remain as bad as it is.

Ø Hoping that India bags a medal in hockey in Olympics this time.

Let me tell u, the Oscar was on my list and this time Indians have won the coveted Oscars for the first tym. The film bagged eight awards including two Oscars for Rahman for Best Original Score and Best song "Jai Ho", which was penned by lyricist Gulzar and one for Resul Pookutty. But for me,  the film didn’t work. It’s my personal opinion. But kudos to A.R.RAHMAN, GULZAR, RESUL POOKUTTY . JAI HO!!

So, keep the hope alive so that in your heart the juice is worth the squeeze because if one fine day u get what u want and u don't know how to celebrate, then that moment will get wasted.

February 14, 2009


2 days back I was on my way to my college and I was snarled-up in the
traffic jam; what's that? bumper-to-bumper. It sometimes becomes quite frustrating especially when you are getting late for work. So I was
sitting on one of the window seats; frustrated and hoping the traffic
gets cleared asap and my eyes got hold of a small kid(sweetest of their kind) seated in a car next to the bus stuck in the dreaded traffic like the whole lot of us. His face scored all my attention. He may have been just about 2 years old. He caught me glancing at his movements
I smiled. He gave me an uncharacteristic sneer - not what we ususally expect from two-year olds. I gaped as he tried to wriggle free from his mother's (I guess) embrace. In doing so, his head collided with the window pane and for perhaps a quarter of a minute cried and then
mopped his forehead with his hand; opened his mouth and shut it again; his tongue moved over his lips. He seemed to brace himself. He clenched and unclenched his tiny hands. His eyes were large and
luminous and he stood goggling at me again. He pursed his lips, raised his eyebrows. I was non-plussed. I shrugged, and he shook his head at me. I had never seen such calm in a kid. As our telepathy ensued, the
traffic cleared and the bus started to pick speed. I waved my hand and he waved his hand too and the feeling of receiving from the other end was simply terrific.
Its amazing how the lives get more and more complicated as we grow up;
striving hard for each and everything else in this competitive world only to lose ourselves. I wish I could a 2 year old all my life;
naïve, innocent; away from the cruel tortures of the world; away from all the problems of life; away from all the responsibilities and
obligations …….. JUST I, ME AND MYSELF.

January 28, 2009


I suppose everybody's had the experience at one time or another of waking up after a nightmare in which they were being chased by leopards or chewed by cannibals or some such thing and drawing a deep breath and saying to themselves: "THANK GOD!  IT WAS ONLY A DREAM, AFTER ALL".

That's how it was with me on the 27th Nov, 08; A day after Mumbai was jolted by the attacks. The commandos were still hard put to evacuate the hotels and wipe out the terrorists. I was on vacation with my four friends. We were staying in the Oberoi hotel. We were in our room when we heard the severe blasts. We were terrified; unable to think; choked. Room service came and told us to lock our rooms from inside. The first time we felt the dread of being in mortal danger.

One of my friends quipped, "abhi toh hum kunware hain" but seriously everyone of us was shuddered from stem to stern; desperate to move out of that place. Then we started praying to Almighty, beseeching to save our lives.

22 hours later two commandos came and rescued us from our despair, and at this point of time my nightmare was over. I was breathing stertorously, sweating profusely and I said "THANK GOD!  IT WAS ONLY A DREAM, AFTER ALL" and went back to sleep.

January 11, 2009


I remember vividly, that it was a month and a half back, that I was preparing for my semesters.

TIME: 11:05PM

The next morning I had my paper and I had still left two chapters untouched. I was a little stressed, but was confident enough to complete the syllabus. As I was frisking through my notes, I heard some noises. At first I tried to evade the disturbance, but after a while the cacophony became loud enough to distract me. I could hear "KHOL….KHOL….KHOL". I understood our neighbors were quarreling, which they usually do atleast two times in a week. So there was no point lending an ear to such conventionality.

TIME: 12:10AM

I heard a police horn and it blew louder and louder and went static at its peak. I could make out the police van was right in front of our house. It was enough to drive me crazy and I couldn't resist myself from peeking through my window. What I saw was two policemen had held the husband by his collar and put him in the jeep. What had happened was that the drunken husband came home and was back with his usual business. He began to beat her wife. But this time she was smart enough to dodge him and lock herself in one of the rooms and called the police. People came out of their homes. Imagine, amidst the night people are ready to sacrifice their sleeps just to get a glance of what is happening in others life. I thought this is it. Finally the Indian woman has broken the shackles of society and come out. Now, this time she won't spare him. I was back with my studies.

The next day my paper went on fine. I came back from college and what I see is the husband and wife are having tea and having a nice time together in the verandah. I was amazed how quickly the things settled and then I was reminded of the adage "LOVE IS BLIND."

After that day she called police on two more ocassions, but it is still was not enough for the husband to hit the tracks.

January 04, 2009


Exactly two and a half years ago, I was admitted to the hospital for my appendix operation. I used to get stomach aches at least once in a fortnight for the past 5 years, but the reports never showed anything. It was July 4,2006; I was dying of stomach pain. My father took me to the Sarvodya Hospital. This time the pain was so severe that it was screaming out loud "THE APPENDIX WILL KILL YOU" - and by chance, the doctors heard it too. They suggested a surgery, and my father took the date July 5. Next day, I was all set for the operation.
First of all, a male nurse removed all my hair (chest, stomach and also the ummm....). CLEAN SHAVE!!! I asked him why in the world did he have to do that for! But u know na, these doctors never empathize with the patients (they are trained like that only.) I was taken to the operation theatre at 9:00AM. After that I don't remember anything and 3 hrs later I woke up in my bed.
With syringes and glucose bottles continuously penetrating in my veins and no food, no water for the 1st day, there was hardly any respite for me. But there was one thing which kept me breathing - A nurse (female this time), as pretty as could be. She was on duty in my block only. As soon as I saw her, all my pain melted away (ain't that a perfect analgesic?) and she warmed the cockles of my heart. Whenever she used to pass by me, she threw me a cute smile. She would always ask me " DARD HO RAHA HAI??" and I would always answer " THODA SA". There was a certain warmth in her grip and her touch that had a personal feel.
After 2 days, I was discharged and was quite happy and I still remember that face………that face which brought a smile to me when I was suffering from severe pain.