June 21, 2009


It's june end and it is scorching hot; waiting for the monsoon desperately. This time of the year is generally of summer holidays and it reminds me of my visit to my maternal grandmother’s place. I haven’t been there for some years now, but I still remember every detail of the splendid country life.

Surrounded by fields, it’s a small village; ohh sorry, it was a small village; now its no longer a village as mum says. You know how moms are attached to their native places - dismissing their childhood abode as small, isn't exactly the wisest thing to do.

Every time you go there, it's all the same. You will never find anything really special. People wake up at about 4 in the morning. The same sounds, whiff of fresh air, the villagers walking along the sides of the road to the market, women with sacks of grass supported by their petite shoulder blades, unwaveringly steady. The small stalls at the end of roads, the naked brown children skittering through dust, dung spread loosely through roads, bullock carts, et all...

They are never in a hurry. It seems that they have all the time in the world. I can’t understand one thing - they really don’t have any private life. The neighbors, the neighbors’ neighbors and their neighbors are all part of one family. In fact, any one from that village is as dear as any other family member would be.

I remember at night, there were power cuts for hours and there was no inverter as saving grace, so we used to come out in veranda, lay the Chaarpai and lie on it. I used to get miffed by the mosquitoes' monotonous humming around my ears even as I sought cover...

But in one aspect they seem to have won the race; in terms of happiness... I think they are much more content in their simple, rustic life. They have little ambition. The satisfaction level in city people is much less.

So this would be a rough picture of the country side and if you have been to one, it would probably remind you of your own visits...

June 05, 2009


So finally, my semester exams have finished and since I was booked in my room for past one month, I am short of ideas. But I have come up with something that most of us can relate to.

 All of us give numerous exams in our lives. And I know that almost everyone of us have some superstitions in mind. I also have some, but their intensity has decreased now. Some of them were:-

 I would not shave before the exam. I had this in mind that it would spoil the paper.

To use the same pen and wear the same clothes in every exam if one of them goes good, and vice-versa.

 I have given many national level papers and I remember seeing thousands of parents waiting eagerly to receive their kids. And I used to scrutinize among them to find out my dad. And when you find them, what do you see? Hope on the face that my kid has done well. I think this is the one thing that I cherish the most and would continue doing so. When the results come, and you have done well, then that feeling of pleasure is ultimate. And for that ultimate feeling we are doing so much hard work. Isnt it?

 Now, enough of exam talk. Let us move on to something which interests us the most. I know many of my friends who are crazy for one damn thing, and they can leave everything else for it. Some of them are crazy for gaming, some for music, some for reading and bla bla bla…. For the last few days I have been thinking hard on whether I've got something special of that kind, but couldn’t find one. I have never been into anything with mad passion; probably can’t take anything beyond a limit because I get bored and want to switch on to something else. Still, life is not over yet and the game is still on. Let's see - One day I will find one for sure.

 But the thing that I want from you guys is that you have to post a comment and tell me that one damn thing that you are crazy about and why. If you haven’t got any like me then think a bit and tell me. Could you do this for me? Please...  I don’t know if I am asking for something out-of-box. Try it. Okay?!!