December 21, 2008


It was the 2nd week of our 2nd semester. We had the subject engg. drawing. The teacher had asked us to bring all the instruments required including the drawing board(24"*16"). As usual with the most sincerity I was there with all the things. My drawing lectures were 5,6,7,8. But before that something happened that caused me more than just a bunch of excited nerves! It's not everyday, that one falls in trouble, you see.
It was the end of the 3rd lecture and before the next teacher came, two boys started fighting. I was sitting at the front seat and I had kept my board at the back of the class due to inadequate space. Then, one of the boys picked up my drawing board and flung it toward the other person. The latter was smart enough to dodge in time and my board fell on the floor with an unpleasant THAK!. I had already inscribed my name at the back of it, so everybody knew it was mine. I went back and lifted the board and guess what a, BIG CRACK in the middle of it. It really hurt me. The brand new board which I bought a day before for 300 bucks was of no use. Fuck man!!. I knew who had done this as everyone was telling me except him.
The 1st time in my life I couldn't control my rage. As I began to accost him, I came across a wooden disc in the aisle. Let me tell you, what's the purpose of this wooden disc in the middle of our class. It is the upper part of the stool on which we sit. And our college management hardly takes care of the broken infrastructure. So, I thought why not to scare him by this disc. I picked up the disc and pretended to hit him, and thereby irritate him a little. But by mistake, it actually slipped from my hand and like a perfect Lord Krishna unleashing his chakra to kill his enemies, it was bang on target. He just got aside in the nick of the time and saved both our asses! But it only partially saved me because the disc went on to the window glass and the glass broke into crystals. It was followed my huh hah,,,,haw,haw,haw……. Which students generally do after someone commit a mistake.
For 30 sec I was there standing, trying to digest the fact that I have broken the glass of our class-room. No, No, I cant do this…. I was in the limelight for the first time in my life for this damned thing (shit). I was not punished for this because ours is a govt. college, so like any other govt. office the administration hardly bothers about that.
At the end of the day I was relieved that the person didn't get hurt. And I still get the nightmares about its consequences. And yeah, now I have some reputation in my class of a macho-man (though I don’t look like that at all). Now, after almost 2 yrs, I am sitting here and writing this real story of mine with amusement, but yeah, at that point of time I got the goose-bumps.

December 06, 2008


How can I forget that night... followed by my best day of my life. I had been offered a job in Maruti Suzuki Co. which had come to recruit in our college for the first time - I was on top of the world! I decided to enjoy the day to the fullest. I called Amit and Rohit who were also placed in the same company, and we decided to meet at Richi-Rich Disco at 10:00 pm. As for me, it was the first time... and I was stunned by the ambience. Such loud music that my ear-drums almost went phat! Couples were dancing on the floor like anything. All of them were drunk way beyond what you'd call moderate levels, which I could make out easily, as they were almost falling over each other. Girls were in mini-skirts and I couldn't stop myself from staring at them!
After half an hour or so, my friend asked if would like to drink, or like every other occasion - just gulp down a bottle of Sprite. I had already planned that this time I would rather not tee-toal. So I took VODKA. It was pathetic. Though I didn't seem that way, simply because I was a strong man and had to show that I could handle it easily. Even as I took my last sip, my head started paining. Soon it went round and round and round in my head. I didn't know what was happening. I had lost all my senses.
At first I began to laugh madly. After that I began to shout at everyone around me. My friends accompanied me to the vacant table. I started revealing my secrets. I had just broken up wid my gf a couple of weeks ago. I had a serious crush on Rohit's gf. But I forgot that he was sitting right in front of me. I told Amit that Nisha(rohit's gf) was too hot and I thought that she also liked me... Amit tried to control Rohit because I had already lost all my head(so why to bother to bring me back to senses!). As Rohit heard every word of mine, he drunk a full pack of bear in one go. Then it was Amit's turn. I held Rohit's hand and put my other arm on his shoulder and said that "yaar, yeh Amit's mom is too pakaau." Amit lives 2 houses next to mine. His mother is always interfering in our house-hold affairs. "kamini." Amit's face became red like a tomato and he threw a glass of water on my face. For me that was not enough. I was still in my own world. I went to Rohit and asked if I had said something wrong. He himself went out of control and pushed me with a force stong enough to unbalance my shaky legs. I fell on something which I don't remember, but it hurt me enough to drive some sense into my head. I understood I had said something wrong. I wanted to ask both of them, but decided to keep mum as it would have aggravated the situation.
Today(9 months later), I am still afraid to get drunk. Though that incident wasn't enough to stop our troika. Chuckles!!! We're still great friends. But yeah! this night will stay clear in my memory for many years to come!