March 22, 2009


Yesterday, I was going through one of the articles in newspaper which reminded me of my school days. I was one of the most studious, sincere and bla..bla..bla.  in my class. But who cares for dat?? Certainly, my siblings! Perplexed??  I know…. But u know, the great disadvantage of having elder brother who is the most idle son, idle student and  is that u r constantly compared to him. Same was the case with me and my sis.

But I was sincere doesn’t mean that I wasn’t scolded by my teachers. I want to share some of the incidents on which I was severely punished by my teachers, either due to my stupidity or bcoz I was trying to act over-smart.

I don’t remember a single teacher of mine (except dat of maths which only consisted of numbers) who hasn’t scolded me for my cacography. But I never paid attention to their remarks. Now sometimes I feel envy of the 1st class students who have better handwriting than me but I console myself by saying “ yaar ab to e-mail ka jamana hai”.

I remember, it was back in my 9th standard, in history class; our teacher was reciting the chapter as we were scrutinizing the lines. Suddenly mam paused…….. shouted …….Sudeeeeeeeppp (my partner)…… who is sitting wid u?? 

Sudeep:- mam, Mohit.

ME:- still looking into the book.     


 Sudeep tugged me. I gaped at him as everyone looked at me.

Mam:- r u day-dreaming??  I stood up, unable to understand wat was the fuss about…… , kept mum. 

On another occasion I didn’t complete my English homework. The teacher asked who hasn’t done home-work. I raised my hand and saw I was the sole person. I knew many more wudn’t hv done but never told mam.

MAM:- come here.

 My heart sank. My throat turned dry.  I went. She adjusted her bangles and then my necktie and bang! Bang! on my cheek. I became red like tomato.  The next time u come without it and I will throw u out of this window. I wondered she could hv admonished me as it was my first time.

I remember wearing my white canvas shoes on Thursday. On one day I forgot to polish them. The PT teacher called me and asked wats the color of ur shoes? I thought yaar aaj to gaya. I thought why not to bring smile to his face. I said in a joking way. Sir, Blackish white. I thought he wud also sneer but he pulled my ear n told me to take 10 rounds of the playground. 

But I feel gud today that I have studied in an environment of strict discipline which always imbibes good qualities which u ought to carry throughout ur life.


tushar said...

lol re!!!!
nice one certainly
aur examples likh deta maza aataa :)

navanshee said...

Teachers ki yaad dila di mohit...specially the Bang reminded of Sachi mam...
hmm so u among the most who got her slap...[:P]

Mohit said...

haan yaar 2-3 bar pita hun sachi mam se....

Anirudh said...

nice one dude