February 28, 2009


Some of the things u always hope but never get:- (Right from a child to an adult )

Ø Waking up late in the morning and hoping that the schoolbus would

arrive late.

Ø Hoping that the teacher stays absent on the day of a test you've not prepared for!

Ø On an empty bus and hoping that a hot chick sits right next to you

Ø Having an extramarital affair without your wife knowing

Ø SENSEX continuing to soar

Ø A terrorism free world.

Ø Indian politics do not remain as bad as it is.

Ø Hoping that India bags a medal in hockey in Olympics this time.

Let me tell u, the Oscar was on my list and this time Indians have won the coveted Oscars for the first tym. The film bagged eight awards including two Oscars for Rahman for Best Original Score and Best song "Jai Ho", which was penned by lyricist Gulzar and one for Resul Pookutty. But for me,  the film didn’t work. It’s my personal opinion. But kudos to A.R.RAHMAN, GULZAR, RESUL POOKUTTY . JAI HO!!

So, keep the hope alive so that in your heart the juice is worth the squeeze because if one fine day u get what u want and u don't know how to celebrate, then that moment will get wasted.

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