February 14, 2009


2 days back I was on my way to my college and I was snarled-up in the
traffic jam; what's that? bumper-to-bumper. It sometimes becomes quite frustrating especially when you are getting late for work. So I was
sitting on one of the window seats; frustrated and hoping the traffic
gets cleared asap and my eyes got hold of a small kid(sweetest of their kind) seated in a car next to the bus stuck in the dreaded traffic like the whole lot of us. His face scored all my attention. He may have been just about 2 years old. He caught me glancing at his movements
I smiled. He gave me an uncharacteristic sneer - not what we ususally expect from two-year olds. I gaped as he tried to wriggle free from his mother's (I guess) embrace. In doing so, his head collided with the window pane and for perhaps a quarter of a minute cried and then
mopped his forehead with his hand; opened his mouth and shut it again; his tongue moved over his lips. He seemed to brace himself. He clenched and unclenched his tiny hands. His eyes were large and
luminous and he stood goggling at me again. He pursed his lips, raised his eyebrows. I was non-plussed. I shrugged, and he shook his head at me. I had never seen such calm in a kid. As our telepathy ensued, the
traffic cleared and the bus started to pick speed. I waved my hand and he waved his hand too and the feeling of receiving from the other end was simply terrific.
Its amazing how the lives get more and more complicated as we grow up;
striving hard for each and everything else in this competitive world only to lose ourselves. I wish I could a 2 year old all my life;
naïve, innocent; away from the cruel tortures of the world; away from all the problems of life; away from all the responsibilities and
obligations …….. JUST I, ME AND MYSELF.


Bond said...

isse padhke yaad aya koi lauta de mere bachpan ke din hehehehe good job bro keep going

Anirudh said...

truly one of the best that have come from you. made me do my own flashbacks into the past. lolz!

Aditya Jakhetiya said...

damn!! it was amazing.....
i too wish i could relive my childhood....
u hav lived upto my expetations dude and may be even bettered them..
keep the good work up....

tushar said...

bhai kuch asan english likh liya kar.....

kya chahta hai isko padhne ke liye bi dictionary sath lekar baithu :P

Jitesh dhamija said...

great blogging!

seems u have mixed urself so intimately with writings and literature world.
Keep going.
All d best