January 28, 2009


I suppose everybody's had the experience at one time or another of waking up after a nightmare in which they were being chased by leopards or chewed by cannibals or some such thing and drawing a deep breath and saying to themselves: "THANK GOD!  IT WAS ONLY A DREAM, AFTER ALL".

That's how it was with me on the 27th Nov, 08; A day after Mumbai was jolted by the attacks. The commandos were still hard put to evacuate the hotels and wipe out the terrorists. I was on vacation with my four friends. We were staying in the Oberoi hotel. We were in our room when we heard the severe blasts. We were terrified; unable to think; choked. Room service came and told us to lock our rooms from inside. The first time we felt the dread of being in mortal danger.

One of my friends quipped, "abhi toh hum kunware hain" but seriously everyone of us was shuddered from stem to stern; desperate to move out of that place. Then we started praying to Almighty, beseeching to save our lives.

22 hours later two commandos came and rescued us from our despair, and at this point of time my nightmare was over. I was breathing stertorously, sweating profusely and I said "THANK GOD!  IT WAS ONLY A DREAM, AFTER ALL" and went back to sleep.

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Jitesh dhamija said...

ladka blog to achcha likh leta hai.........

good going!
i'll just say,keep it up and maintained.

waise i also think that there is some flaw in the last para.
you need to look at it,as it seems ambiguitous there.