January 11, 2009


I remember vividly, that it was a month and a half back, that I was preparing for my semesters.

TIME: 11:05PM

The next morning I had my paper and I had still left two chapters untouched. I was a little stressed, but was confident enough to complete the syllabus. As I was frisking through my notes, I heard some noises. At first I tried to evade the disturbance, but after a while the cacophony became loud enough to distract me. I could hear "KHOL….KHOL….KHOL". I understood our neighbors were quarreling, which they usually do atleast two times in a week. So there was no point lending an ear to such conventionality.

TIME: 12:10AM

I heard a police horn and it blew louder and louder and went static at its peak. I could make out the police van was right in front of our house. It was enough to drive me crazy and I couldn't resist myself from peeking through my window. What I saw was two policemen had held the husband by his collar and put him in the jeep. What had happened was that the drunken husband came home and was back with his usual business. He began to beat her wife. But this time she was smart enough to dodge him and lock herself in one of the rooms and called the police. People came out of their homes. Imagine, amidst the night people are ready to sacrifice their sleeps just to get a glance of what is happening in others life. I thought this is it. Finally the Indian woman has broken the shackles of society and come out. Now, this time she won't spare him. I was back with my studies.

The next day my paper went on fine. I came back from college and what I see is the husband and wife are having tea and having a nice time together in the verandah. I was amazed how quickly the things settled and then I was reminded of the adage "LOVE IS BLIND."

After that day she called police on two more ocassions, but it is still was not enough for the husband to hit the tracks.


tushar said...

bhai thoda aram se.....inna bi mat likh ki log use 2 ho jaye teri writings se
ill rate it 2/5

hitesh said...

its not lov at all.It shows weakness Indian women r sufrrng frm!!!!

tushar said...

omg i will give hitesh 5/5 for this comment

Mohit said...

hitesh- yeah, i agree with you.

Anirudh said...

a story which might seem commonplace. I'm glad life hasn't made me all that 'used' to it. ;-)

keep going chum.

U could maybe shift to a different topic - some serious stuff?

Bond said...

this one is fine but dude grab some other topic