May 03, 2009


Hmm.... I expect you missed me last month…he he - probably some of you I know that. But I’m in no mood to explain my irregularities. But yeah, I am back - and I will survive.

Last week, I went to one of my school friends’ home. It had been a long time. As we were eagerly listening to each other, when his younger brother came rushing from school with a love letter in his hand. He was in the 2nd standard. Yes, a girl in his class had proposed to him. I wondered whether it was too early… ;-) I am probably three times his age and still looking forward to such a day! :-D

It reminded me of the prank that a girl played on me. …… I was in 9th standard, month of January - Sorry I don’t remember the date, but yeah - it was in the evening probably around 6:30 as my dad was already back from work. The phone rang. At that time I didn’t have any mobile, so my school pals usually called me on the landline no.

 My dad picked up the phone and a girl said: “ CAN I TALK TO MOHIT”?

DAD:- May I know who is speaking?

Girl:- I am Mehak .

Now, my dad knew about Mehak as she was my classmate since nursery and she used to live very close to my home and also because she was the only girl who called me and that too on days that she would have missed the school and she need to ask about that day’s homework. So my dad gave me the phone.

ME:- Hello. “ Yes…. Who is this?

MEHAK:- hello, mein mehak bol rahi hun yaaaar ,,,,,, kya haal hain tere,,,, tu milta hi nai hai aaj-kal.

ME:- Now I was shocked, I had never expected that. The voice was familiar but it wasn’t mehak. I asked again “ aap kaun bol rahe ho?” (As I asked for the second time my father who was in the same room glanced me.)

MEHAK:- “ mein mehak bol rahi hun yaaaar.”

I dropped the phone, took a deep breath and went back to my room. 2 min later, the phone rang again, and my dad picked it again.

ME:- hello,,,, “ Who is this”?

MEHAK:-  mein mehak bol rahi hun yaaaar…. Tujhse  kuch samajhna tha yaar maths mein….. tujhe kitni baar bola hai………..tu samjhaata hi nai hai yaaaar. Mein tere ghar aa jaaun??

I sprung in surprise; That seductive tone got me more and more uncomfortable as my father was right in front of me.

In an eluding way I told her to meet me the next day and dropped the phone. I was probably immature at that time. Later I found out that she was my sister’s friend who usually came to our home. She was 2 years elder to me. After that phone call, there hasn’t been any call of that kind to which I could do proper justice. Probably I am not so gullible now. But you know, the reality is that we boys always would love to be deceived by the girls. But the girls generally don’t take charge. I hope someday they will. Okay, time to go, my phone is ringing……..hahhaahaa     ;-)


Anirudh said...

this one was fun! both of us know about this one, don't we? I remember the Mehek you are talking about....

Mohit said...

ya, u r right...its the same one..

tushar said...

tu erotic stories kabse likhne lag gaya :|

The show stopper said...

dude sahi hain ab tujhe ladkia pareshan karti hain hahahahahaaha

aditya said...

no doubt about this one....

u are like this only...