April 28, 2014

Friends for life!

I still remember the day we first met,
I guess God has some things just set.
Time has gone by,
I am glad we stood by.

You stayed with me in thick and thin,
I can’t forget the support you all gave,
With all those words of wisdom,
You gave me smile and took away my stress.

The time we spent together,
The numerous talks and laughs we had…
Have filled my life with wonderful memories,
And that’s why I want to thank you, for being my friend.

The day has come, to say you all Goodbye,
But I pray we will meet again and I am sure we will!
Because our friendship can’t be so weak,
And the world is not even so BIG.

I want to say more, much more than this,
But I guess, that would always be…
That’s better left for the day,
Until we meet again…...

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