December 22, 2009


There are 3D’s in life : Desire, Determination & Dedication. You will need all the three to reach new heights; but, it all starts with the 4thD… Dreams. This was an sms which I received some days ago from one of my dearest friend.

Everyone talks of dreams, but no-one tells how to get dreams. I think, there is something which is required to start dreaming. I mean, that if you don’t know what you are missing in life, then you can’t dream. Am I being too philosophical here?? Ok let me explain with an example.

Last year, I went to Auto -Show being organized at Pragati Maidan. There were 100s of new models of sparkling new cars. As I was going through my eyes caught Mercedes Benz (S-class). I went there and asked for a try. I sat inside for 2 min, held the steering and gave a pose, not because to show it off later to my friends; but to continuously remind myself that this is “THE IDEAL” car. I don’t know if I would ever own it, but now since I know what it feels like to be sitting in one of the most luxurious and costliest car of the world; I can start dreaming about it.

Once you start realizing you dreams, you start working hard to achieve them. But I have seen many of us lose determination in the tough race of life. At that time, one must get an opportunity to remind himself and again start working towards it. How about giving a lift to a poor fellow who has to walk daily for several kilometers? There can be many other such ways which YOU & I can do seamlessly and be a symbol of great motivation to both rich and poor people. Rich people will no longer be complacent and boastful. In this way both rich and poor people will start respecting each other and will do a great for our society.

I don’t know if I am talking any sense to you all, but still, this is what I feel. It’s the “EXPERIENCE” that is required to get dreams. Keep enjoying those experiences so that you keep DREAMING HIGH!!


tushar said...

nc after a long time but it wasnt directed on me na :P

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Mohit said...

@tushar: ya, got d idea dat day only:-)
@ani: thank u.

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Rajesh said...

very good, it was smthng 4 every1, not competely u as b4.