August 09, 2009


MONSOON RAINS!! How eagerly we all wait for the monsoon rains after being baked in the sun for almost four consecutive months. I want to ask all of you:- is there someone amongst you, who hates rains?? If yes, just let me know :-)

In northern India, the summer comprises of almost 8 months with people craving for rains, but I hate them. I know you must be thingking that this man is crazy. I'll tell you why. The rains come and there is sudden change in temperature. Due to these unannounced variations in temperatures, I catch what you commonly know to be “common cold”. As the name suggests, it’s quite common among people, but the consequences of “common-cold” in my case are not very common. What follows, is sneezing spree at least 10 times a min, a blocked nose and the headache. And if I don’t take medicines on time it can get me viral fever. This is what I've been going throuh for the last 20 yrs - every time there is attraction between the positive charge of earth and negative charge of clouds (right, na?). The scent of the wet ground which is appreciated almost by everyone, is one of the foulest odors for me.

Secondly, whenever it rains, all work comes to a halt. Thanks to our inadequate drainage system. The situation really worsens in my area. I can’t go out for work. The population of skeeters surge with a rate of 10^10 every minute.

Last week, the Lord Indra became generous for the first time this season and it was raining cats and dogs. I went out in veranda and I saw a young girl of around 5yrs old enjoying the rain in her veranda. She was soon joined by her younger sister. As the younger one came, she fell down. She stood up and put her right leg forward and fell down again. But she never cried. She stood up again and warily came out. Both started to enjoy the rain with their arms stretched, facing the sky with eyes closed. They cuddled each other as I stood there watching them. The first time I realized how much do people love rain. I wanted to become part of their celebrations. Soon their mom came and admonished them and took them in.

That day I realized what I am missing in life. Keep enjoying the rains so that I keep enjoying watching you.

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Anirudh said...

sweet...all I can think of now is- 'Raindrops keep falling on my head...'
cheers to BJ Thomas and Mohit for making today's drizzle (@ Warangal) surely a lot better!